Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lists and Sub-Lists

When I wrote about my goals for 2012, my friend the Mrs. commented on my post and asked if I had made more lists about how to accomplish the goals on my original list. I chuckled when I read it because it is so spot on.

I love lists, so of course I made lists for things on my list.

There is a quilt list. It looks something like this:

January: Finish the quilt I'm making myself, because there is only one step left to be done.
February: Make a quilt appropriate for whatever gender child my sister pops out in January.
March: Finish the commissioned quilt a blogging acquaintance asked me about somewhere near the beginning of 2011.
April: Make the thank you quilt I designed for j's first grade teacher.
May: Make a thank you quilt for j's second grade teacher. (Don't finish it at 1 a.m. on the last day of school like his kindergarten teacher's quilt. Also, see previous line and don't wait until he is in third grade to start it.)

That is where the quilt list stops. For now.

There is also a closet transformation list. It goes something like this:

  1. Take photos of closet before project starts
  2. Empty closet
  3. Take Photo
  4. Wash closet walls and shelves
  5. Paint closet walls and shelves
  6. Take Photo
  7. Add hooks to closet walls
  8. Install LED push lights on closet walls
  9. Measure shelves and shop for baskets to fit
  10. Take photo
  11. Sort through hats, scarves, mittens etc, and fill basket for j and e
  12. Hang snow pants and jackets on j and e's respective walls
  13. Close door and admire lack of winter clutter by the front door
  14. Open door and take photos of the finished project
  15. Blog the transformation
Pretty thorough, don't you think? 

Do you make lists? Do you make them like me? With a million tiny tasks so you can feel a sense of accomplishment over and over again?


the Mrs. said...

totally made me laugh. LOVE it!
and love lists. ;)
I also admire your craftiness....or maybe more your ability to follow through on your crafty intentions.

Rose said...

I love lists, too, but I always start them with "Make a list" because that way I know one thing will get done. Very satisfying to finish the list and then cross off the first item. Unfortunately, some days that's the only item that is crossed off. Such is life!